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Heavenly Sunrise

in Asgad, Salcedo, E. Samar

Going to this barangay is quite tricky. The road is heavily bumpy and one must have an expert in going there. The first time I went there, I had my knees aching. The road have many highs and lows with large rainwater pathways that just gave me butterflies in my stomach. But despite all these, the view of the Pacific Ocean was really awesome.

We stopped by a beach in Brgy. Jagnaya and this is one of the most popular among locals in Salcedo. We headed to the cave that makes this destination a must-see. It's actually passable during low tide and we were blessed that it was low tide. The first photo is the mouth of the cave. And it's really dangerous when the high tide comes in coz the rocks are really edgy and waves are fierce especially that it's fronting the Pacific Ocean.


And our final stop, Asgad and here is the beautiful sun rising from the east. It's like heaven opening it's doors.



And nothing beats this beautiful moment than sharing it with my little princess - and she's 2 years old right now.


Of course, kinilaw, sinugba, palawan (a local root crop), budigon(hanging rice - hehehe) and bahal (a local wine) will perfectly match with the outing.

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The Gateway to the Pacific

My Hometown - Guiuan


One thing that really makes me proud being a Guiuananon is for the fact that I grew up in a place where people live simply enjoying the bounties of nature which I hope would not be abused. Honestly, I would prefer it to stay like how it was, like secluded beaches stay undiscovered but it's really inevitable that this would be known.

Photos that I'm gonna feature were from my past adventures, maybe around a year that this images were just saved in the computer and now was just the time that I got the chance to post them.

As what most people say - wow, ang layo naman dito, grabe yung daan, super lubak, bongga ang alikabok! - We share the same sentiments. But I think that's what makes it more of an adventure in going to Guiuan. But I heard help is on it's way and local chief executives are working on the National Road and also, the Millenium Road is set already - which I hope it would be soon.

If you're the kind of person looking for a private moment going around with not much crowd around - then Guiuan might just be perfect for your getaway. And as what Wikipedia said "Besides the rich historical background, Guiuan boasts many beautiful scenic spots including white sand beaches. Being a coastal town in the Pacific side, the town is blessed with many beaches that are perfect for swimming and surfing."

Going to our town, you would have to take a three hour ride from the nearest city - Tacloban and cross the San Juanico Bridge. Here's a scenic view while crossing the bridge. Now let's start the adventure.

This is the closest beach from downtown. It's popular for reunions, wedding receptions or just simply hang out and unwind.
The kids can swim if it's low tide coz the pool is shallow.

This photo was taken in Sapao Beach. This is where I learned how to swim.

Going further is the Calicaon Island, home of the Annual Odyssey Surfing Competition.
First stop is the Belvedere Resort.
Rock formations along the coastline and offers a variety of private beaches.
Still more to come coz I haven't got to the other places in Calicoan. Hope to find my other photos I have. Till our next adventure.

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Surf's Up Calicoan

2011 Odyssey Surfing Competition

At last, I've been waiting for this season to come. Years and years and I always miss this part in our town. And the Annual Odyssey Surfing Competition had surfers across the country riding those fierce waves.


Here's my drawing inspired by the event and thought about having this printed on a shirt, unfortunately, I got tied up with work.

People came to watch the competition and the secluded shorelines of calicoan is now the favorite tambayan watching surfers ride their boards and jam with the waves.


The crowd here minimized already as the competition was nearing to an end.

It's really my frustration to learn how to ride a surf board but I think I'll pass lang muna. It's quite tricky when it comes to balancing. And shocks, the darling of the crowd was really pretty, effortless ang lola mo, she's all tanned and still get to manage to wow the crowd not just for her pretty face


and she's a surfer too. I remember her being one of the Sunsilk endorser.

I was busy watching in awe while surfers ride the waves and also got to have some candid shots.

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Pearl Island

with high school friends



It's been more or less 5 years since the last time i got here and I'm back. Weeeh!!! Thanks to our ever active organizer - Lindy who made this possible. From getting to the island, the great food and the boat.


Good thing the weather was all clear and that we had a smooth ride going there.

There was like 10 of us who went there. It's nice to have high school friends together again. It keeps us updated with what's going on with our lives, crack jokes, and share the good ol' beer while enjoying the sea breeze and the nice view.

Introducing my batchmates : )


If you're on chillax mode then you can just lie down the hammock with reggae music on the background - wow isn't this just perfect for a paraiso (paradise). We also took a tour since this is a pearl farm managed by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) and here's what's inside.


Man, I want to get one of this curtains...

And the main event of the day and my favorite part - SWIMMING!!! The water is crystal clear and snorkeling is the best way to enjoy the waters of pearl island. Sad though we did not get to see the large clams coz the boat they use was not in good condition.


And the day won't be complete without - JUMPSHOTS!!!


And yours truly - mwahh


And we headed back home, soaked by a mix of rain and salt water and boy what a nasty ride it was coz rain poured down heavily and waves kept comin. God is good and we arrived home safely. And let's call it a day!




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